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Online live at 4th July 15:00 for how to go through difficult 2020

July 3, 2020

Latest company news about Online live at 4th July 15:00 for how to go through difficult 2020

2020, no matter to personal or to company, it is a super difficult year.


this year we met lots thing from begining, CONV-19, factory working delay, Epedemic Prevenstion material making and sell, company break down...


Conv-19, it is really terrible thing when it happen, lots person caught up the virus, cough, high fever; friends, relatives, classmate they can't visit each other at china new year hotest time, worst thing people can't go outwithout mask, as the virus is suddenly happened thing, there is without any medicine to stop, then lots people die...


with times going, more and more city blocked, road blocked, people can't do anything except staying at home, then another thing coming, factory open delay...


When the virus situatin become stable, people can go out to work, then another thing begin to come out, Mask is super difficult to buy, lots factories find this opputinuty and become to change their own business and begin to do mask machine, melt blown cloth, non wowen... Suddenly it is the hottest thing the china, 


At the begining, it is truly a super good thing as some companies can get more business in a super short time and earn lots money, such as sell the machine, mask, melt blown cloth, but soon, lots thing happen: mask machine is not stable, argue begining, mask has quality issue, mask factory begin to headache, melt blown cloth shortage, non-woven fabric shortage...


Thing is coming one by one, finally you know who earn money? 


So many thing happen, all of us know it is very difficult, as lots company begin to on vacation, more and more company can't bear and break down...


To be a garment accessories factory who main do export, sure we are on the road to bear all difficult, no mask, factory can't open, no order, workers on vacation...


Every one know it is hard to do anything to change, but we T&K, we don't want to wait, we do something different to go thought.


Do u want to know what we will do? let's go chinese APP "douying", at 15:00-16:00 4th July, We would start our 1st step to improve our situation. warm welcom to come together.


I do believe: Action is the best way to solve all problem, I believe you want to change too, so, record our time and wait you come to unit. 


15:00-16:00 4th July

My phone no:8613412215413

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